I began my research in 1991, from the time that I was a little boy I wanted to know
who were the parents of my great grandfather. Where did they come from? Were
they enslaved? Were they free? The answer to these questions and more have
lead me on a 15 year genealogy journey. This web site is the results of that

Host Pamlico County Home Page

I became the administrator for the Pamlico Co. Web page in March 2000. I am from
Pamlico Co. So it is an honor and a privilege to be the County host. All thanks go
to Diane K, who gave me the opportunity to be the administrator for  
PamlicoCo.NCGenWeb site.

Afrigenas NC Home Page

Volunteer to help setup,and maintain the  Afrigenas NC home page. Collecting,
editing and posting African American research materials to the web site. Too help
fellow NC African American research trace and find their ancestors.

Web Master For The Town Of Mesic NC


Writing a Book In Search Of Rodger

Black Genealogy Exchange

I am a member and active contributor to the Black Genealogy Exchange. The
Black Genealogy Exchange was created to unite the efforts of Black Genealogist.
It does not take a beginner long to realize that finding our ancestors is extremely
difficult,   however it can be done.  Hopefully my experience,comments and input
will help to make the Black Genealogy Exchange a prime source for Black
genealogical information.

Personal Interests

I am in the process of writing a book  about my experience in tracing my ancestors,
and how to research African American genealogy past the 1870 census.
I was born in Mesic a small Town in Pamlico County NC. My parents moved to
New York City when I was 7years old. I completed the first grade and followed
them to NY in 1950. I lived their until 1988 when I retired to NC to live and to fish.
After our annual family reunion in 1990, I was asked to do the family history for the
next family reunion. This was the beginning of my Genealogy journey.  Which has
brought me to where I am to day. Sad to say I have not been fishing since I began
my research. All of my free time has been spent in some old documents or         

Owner of Poppa Bear's Kitchen a BB-Q RIB Restaurant

Computer Nerd

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