The first schools in Mesic were private and were held in homes, until about 1780 when
through cooperative effort a community building was erected.  About 1906 the first Public
School began in the cooperative building.  In 1907, the school district acquired the
Missionary Baptist Church building (white) and in 1913 a brick building was completed.
Mesic was incorporated in 1971. It's first mayor, Elwood Jennette, it's councilmen were:
Hazel Mason, Warren Credle, Rudolph Jones, Leo Henries and Holland Gibbs.

Most of the early records of families, building etc., were lost during the great hurricane of

Mt. Olive MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH Founded in 1880, present membership 400, 150
original members. The Mt. Olive Missionary Baptist Church was founded around 1880 in a
building about one mile from present structure.  Rev. Albert Bryant was the first pastor to
serve the church until 1901.   Rev Henry Dudley was elected and he served for three years.  
In 1903 a storm came and destroyed all records of the church.  Several other pastors
served between 1880 to present,  this is the new church.